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A Presentation Tool that Might Just Put an End to Power Point

Prezi is a new kind of presentation tool that might just put an end to power point presentations. Prezi simulates how the human mind works, that is, non-linearly, opposed to the power point linear presentation. The human brain thinks faster than the presenter talks and thus focuses the attention to one aspect of the presentation. In addition, our minds think in a web-like directions. This is where power point stifles our way of thinking. Power point presentations were attacked continuously as making the audience “stupid” especially with it famous bulleted points.
Prezi presentation rationale is simple. The ideas presented are laid out on a map and the presenter focuses on the idea he or she wants to present ( including media) by focusing on that idea non-linearly.

The presentation embedded below shows on sample I did on one course. The navigation can be set to my restricted navigation path or to your own preference. In this case, I set up the navigation path to my own preference, that i…