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The 4 E model for Pedagogical Technology

If you look at the image on the left, you will notice the four key components of technology integration, what Collis & moonen (2002) refer to as key components of “flexible learning in a digital world”. The components ( institution, implementation, pedagogy, and technology) are nested in each other, which means that each depends on and feeds from the other. The approach for the flexible learning can be seen in a top-down, that institution-wide to technological aspect, or in  a bottom-up, that is from the technological aspect all the way up to the institution.

The 4 E Model as a Guide: Collis & Moonen suggest a 4 E model that will guide anyone who wants to integrate flexible learning in each and all key components Ease of use Environment Personal Engagement Educational Effectiveness
Now, I will not go into details of the activity-flexibility abstract framework and its U pedagogical approach. All I want to focus on here is how the 4 E model would guide the teachers in adopting/adapting …

Professional Learning Networks for Teachers

Many language teachers are more and more comfortable with technology in their daily mundane life though most do not infuse their technology into the classroom context. This is probably due to the fear of taking risks and experimenting in the classroom. Those same teachers log on everyday online and socialize with friends and colleagues. But that’s just about it. With the increase use of web2.0 technology in all aspects of communications, educators around the world can link with each other to share beliefs, ideas, resources, and innovations in education. In my teaching context teachers log online everyday, for hours, to socialize and check on other people’s news and updates. Social networking has been largely adopted, often with ease, by all educators, whether tech comfy/savvy or not ( e.g. Facebook, MySpace, Hi5, twitter, and others…). If a teacher logs online for educational purposes, he/she acts as a passive participant. Common behaviors include downloading resources such as workshe…