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Google Forms Quiz: A much needed feature for teachers

Finally, Google has added the Google Forms Quiz feature to its Google Forms. Now, instead of correcting students’ responses manually or use a script like Flubaroo, the Google Forms Quiz is now built in the Google Forms itself, and has so many great features that will make all teachers happy. Here’s How to Create the QuizGo to . Or go to your Google Drive then click New and then choose Forms From Google Forms Setting icon, click on Quizzes 3. Change the Form template to a quiz. Then select the options that you prefer. You can have the results directly displayed to students or you can postpone the results after you do a manual review. You can also choose what results students can see (Missed Questions, correct questions, or/and point values). IT is also important to note that you if you need students to have only one response they need to be logged in their google Apps account or Gmail account. You need to select this option from “General Settings”. Also, if you want to…

Moodle Has Outdone Itself in Moodle 3.1 Release

With Moodle 3.1 release in May, Moodle has really improved in it updates. We all know the myriad of updates Moodle has been with in the past couple of years due to coping with the exponential explosion of new web features and LMSs vendors. The Moodle 3.1 release includes many new features and improvements of earlier features. See below a video list of Moodle 31. overview and video explanation of new as well as improved features. New and Updated Feature Include:For TeachersCompetenciesNew features in assignment Feedback (Great feature)Restore deleted items with Recycle BinPinned Forum DiscussionsWorkshop EnhancementsShare activities on you site using the Publish as LTI ToolTag course activities (bring organization to chaos) Easier section editingSearch and add metalinked courses togetherFor AdministratorsCompetency FrameworksLearning Plan TemplatesManage Global SearchAssignment file conversionSearch file system repositoryLesson default settingTagging EnhancementsFor All UsersBulk downl…